Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How to Write a Letter to the Editor

Your letter to the editor should be at least three paragraphs long; most letters will probably require five to six paragraphs. The first paragraph can introduce the topic and state your opinion; the next two to four paragraphs can explain a few points to support your opinion; the final paragraph can conclude the letter.

Here are some elements to include in your letter:
  • State your purpose (what article you are responding to, what subject you are writing about).
  • State your point: your opinion, perspective, idea, or argument.
  • Give a few reasons or details for your point and explain them.
  • Restate your point.
  • Express gratitude.

Remember, to complete the requirement you must:
  • Write a letter to the editor of a publication.
  • Send the letter to the editor.
  • Send a copy of the letter to me.

If you send a paper letter, please be sure to follow proper letter-writing etiquette (here is a guide for how to write a business letter). Please be sure to sign the letter, and make a copy of the letter to give to me.

If you send a letter by e-mail, you still need to include your street address; publications use this to verify that you are a real person. Please also put my e-mail address in the cc or bcc line so I will get a copy. My address is

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